Admin Fee

At Trade Cars & Commercials we want to ensure each customer has an excellent experience when buying their new car or van, whilst offering excellent value for money in the products and services we offer, along with ensuring the process is as hassle-free as possible

Below are details of the services included within our 'service fee' to explain what is included, how it offers great value and you're not being charged for the wrong reasons.


Within the advertised price all our cars will come with 6 months Gold cover which can be used throughout the UK and you will be given the option to extend the warranty for up to 36 months also. Please see details of the cover on our "'Protection page'" or alternatively ask a member of staff for more details.


Whilst offering various finance packages including Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and personal loans we work hard behind the scenes negotiating good terms from trusted finance partners. We also offer a free eligibility check so you can conduct a soft search without leaving a search on your credit profile. For details on finance and the explanations of the different types of agreements please see our "finance explained page".


As you may be aware advertising platforms such as Autotrader and Car Gurus display a price indicator which highlights whether advertised vehicles are a 'Great price' or 'Above market'. We carry out daily price checks to ensure all of our vehicles are competitively priced in accordance with their specification and condition ensuring we are always competitively priced.


During the process of buying and taking delivery of your new vehicle, we will arrange the set up of road tax to your new vehicle, cancellation of road tax on your old vehicle and carry out the transfer or retention of any personalised number plates.


As part of our vehicle souring we will always carry out a HPI as well as conducting one on your part exchange vehicle should you have one, therefore you won't need to carry out your own typically saving £10 - £15. This will ensure there is no outstanding finance, no accident damage claims, no security alerts or stolen markers registered against your vehicle. Should you like a copy of the report please ask a member of staff who will be happy to provide a copy and explain if needed.


When preparing our vehicles for sale they will receive a thorough exterior wash and decontamination followed up by a machine polish & wax to the paintwork, glass polished and plastics dressed and treated. The interior will undergo a full hoover followed by a wet vacuum on cloth materials, leather clean using specific leather cleaning products and plastics treated to restore a new like matte finish along with being deodorised. All this will be carried out by a trained professional using high-quality products.


With each eligible, we will supply a free 30-day GAP policy which you will then have the option to extend further.


When using our workshop for servicing or repairs we will provide a courtesy vehicle fully insured free of charge (subject to availability and insurance terms).